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In New Brunswick, a teacher shortage is raising worries that not enough graduates are coming out of universities to fill the high volume of jobs expected in the coming five years. An estimated 1, teachers are set to retire. The situation is particularly dire for French teachers.

Teachers in Nova Scotia may be eyeing the prospect of retirement warily. With the Prince Edward Island Conservatives forming a minority government under leader Dennis King, in April, teachers in the province are facing uncertainty. Teachers' Federation. After two years of bargaining with the provincial government, they accepted a deal with no wage increases, the payout and elimination of severance, and changes to post-retirement benefits.

What is teaching? A definition and discussion

In the face of a wage rollback proposed by the provincial government, Saskatchewan teachers were happy to get a one per cent salary increase last September. The ruling by an arbitrator came nine months after talks broke down. The current contract expires on August 31, For their part, in their response to the K Education review, Manitoba teachers are calling for capped class sizes and a universal meal program, among other recommendations.

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While the UCP won the election in April, the party claims the savings will not come at the cost of front-line services like health or education. The educators reported incidents of student violence in the —17 school year, including kicks to the face, punches to the ribs and scratches that drew blood. What Is Mathematics, Really? What is Sarbanes-Oxley? What Philosophy Is.

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What Is Thought? What is Transparency? What is mathematics, really?

Maths teaching for mastery: Is it worth it?

What is strategy? What is Philosophy? What is Christianity? What is art history? What Is Identity? What is Enlightenment. What is Rebellion. What is mathematical logic. Check out the Teaching and Learning Toolkit. The Educational Endowment Foundation has produced a very accessible review of the evidence concerning different things that schools do. Many of the things that schools do have little or no evidence to support them e. Key teaching activities. This infed page outlines 9 key activities and why they are central to the process of teaching.

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