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PhD thesis, Prifysgol Bangor University. The recent attention which has been paid in sociology to the role of embodiment, intersubjectivity and reflexivity has resulted in the development of new social theories which aim to provide better explanations of structure and agency interactions and the dynamics of self and identity formation.

In the process of the development of these theories, social theorists have often communicated with other relevant disciplines such as social psychology and psychoanalysis. Clearly, new developments in these related disciplines are likely to have relevance for micro-sociological theories.

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The aim of this project is to further develop modern micro-sociological theories in the light of new ideas in social psychology and recent understandings in psychoanalysis. Drawing on the ideas of relational psychoanalysis and relational sociology I have tried to define a dynamic unconscious in social theory and a fluid conceptualization of self and identity by applying the concept of dissociation as the key mechanism for shifting between different self-states. Also, based on the theories of Pierre Bourdieu, Anthony Giddens and Margaret Archer, the relationship between reflexivity and habitus is explored, different levels of reflexivity and various forms of consciousness are considered, and these interactions are further investigated using the two examples of sports training and hypnotic involuntariness.

Using hypnosis as a model, the development of social self and embodied agency is explored in depth in this context.

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Samenvatting Towards Relational Sociology argues that social worlds comprise networks of interaction and relations. Crossley asserts that relations are lived trajectories of iterated interaction, built up through a history of interaction, but also entailing anticipation of future interaction.

In addition, he demonstrates how networks comprise multiple dyadic relations which are mutually transformed through their combination.

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On this conceptual basis he builds a relational foundation for sociology. Through this, Crossley is able to argue that neither individuals nor wholes' - in the traditional sociological sense - should take precedence in sociology. Rather sociologists should focus upon evolving and dynamic networks of interaction and relations.

The book covers many of the key concepts and concerns of contemporary sociology, including identity, power, exchange and meaning. As such it is an invaluable reference tool for postgraduate students and researchers alike. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s ' Crossley has made a significant contribution to relational sociology.

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This is exactly the kind of work we need at this point, if we want to move it forward. Any social scientist interested in relational sociology should read and criticize this book carefully. Crossley's intriguing rereading of Foucault through network lenses, for example, offers a potentially fertile means of investigating the circuits of symbolic power. Reviews Schrijf een review.

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