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Physics - Statistical Thermodynamics (1 of 30) Basic Term and Concepts

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Extremum Properties of the Thermodynamic Potentials E. The Theorem on Maximum Work 9. The van der Waals Equation A. Course of Isotherms B. Entropy and the Caloric Behavior of the van der Waals Gas The Kelvin Temperature Scale Gaseous Mixtures. Gibbs' Paradox. Reversible Separation of Gases B. Chemical Potentials and Chemical Constants A. The Chemical Constant of a Perfect Gas Dilute Solutions A.


General and Historical Remarks B. The Different Phases of Water. Remarks on the Theory of the Steam Engine A. The Specific Heat of Saturated Steam The Triple Point of Water B. Gibbs' Phase Rule C. Raoult's Laws for Dilute Solutions D. Henry's Law of Absorption Electrochemical Potentials B. The Daniell Cell, C.

Numerical Example F. Remarks on the Integration of the Fundamental Equation Ferro- and Paramagnetism A.

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Langevin's Equation for Paramagnetic Substances C. The Magneto-Caloric Effect Black Body Radiation A. Kirchhoff 's Law B. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law C. Wien's Law D.

Chemistry Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics | UBC Chemistry

Planck's Law of Radiation Irreversible Processes. Thermodynamics of Near-Equilibrium Processes A. Thermoelectric Phenomena D. Internal Transformations E. General Relations F.

PHYS 524 A: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

The Elementary Kinetic Theory of Gases The Equation of State of a Perfect Gas The Maxwellian Velocity Distribution A. The Maxwellian Distribution for a Monatomic Gas. Proof of B. Numerical Values and Experimental Results C. General Remarks on the Energy Distribution. The Boltzmann Factor Brownian Motion Statistical Considerations on Paramagnetic Substances A.

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The Classical Langevin Function B. The Volume of a Molecule and the Constant b B. The van der Waals Cohesion Forces and the Constant a Viscosity C. Thermal Conductivity D. General Statistical Mechanics: Combinatorial Method Open systems: energy and particle number exchange, Gibbs factor, grand canonical ensemble, chemical potential, partition function and thermodynamic potentials, fluctuations.

Classical and quantum ideal gases: identical particles, Bose and Fermi statistics, adsorption, classical limit, degenerate Fermi gas, white dwarfs and neutron stars, photons and phonons, blackbody radiation, Bose condensation. Recommended literature:. Huang, Introduction to statistical physics, QC Schroeder, An introduction to thermal physics,