Guide The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders

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Contributor Denoon, Donald. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Contents 1. Contending approaches-- 2. Settling the region-- 3.

The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders

Pacific Edens? Discovering outsiders-- 5. Land, labour and independence-- 6. New political orders-- 7.

Land, labour and dependency-- 8. Invention of the native-- 9. The war in the Pacific-- A nuclear Pacific-- The material world re-made-- The ideological world re-made-- The end of insularity? It addresses the question of insularity and explores islanders' experiences thematically, covering such topics as early settlement, contact with Europeans, colonialism, politics, commerce, nuclear testing, tradition, ideology, and the role of women.

Subject Pacific Islanders.

Bibliographic information. Browse related items Start at call number: DU C33 Trade and Exchange. Gender Division of Labour.

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Lives and Deaths. Discovering Outsiders. Earliest Encounters. First Encounters in the Twentieth Century. Material Relations. Land Labour and Independent Development.

Historical Research

Whales Bechedemer and Sandalwood. Visionaries and Entrepreneurs. Peasants and Plantations. Autonomous Development? New Political Orders. Chiefly Ambitions and Foreign Meddling. Chiefs and Conversion. Words and The Word. Political Transformation and Resistance. Plantations and Plantation Workers.

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy. Land Labour and the States.

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Colonial Administration and the Invention of the Native. The War in the Pacific. Islanders in the Armed Forces. Islanders and the New Foreigners. The Question of Loyalty. Prophecy Deliverance and Subversion. A Nuclear Pacific. Australia and Christmas Island.

People and the Pacific environment : a changing geography - Persée

French Polynesia. The Idea of a Nuclearfree Pacific. The Material World Remade. The Transformed Material World. Redefining Resources. The Daily Worlds of Coral Islanders.

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The International Fishing Industry. Urbanisation and the Environment. Redefining Mineral Resources. Reconstructing and Managing the Environment. International Aid and International Conservation Organisations. Two Laws Together. Encapsulated Communities. Repression and Renaissance in Hawaii. Postcolonial Challenges.