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The Antislavery Years. Establishing National Narrative. Local Narratives. Personal Narratives. Literary Narrative. Crisis of Literary Narrative and Consolidation. Annus Mirabilis. The Establishment and the Movement. Letters and Social Aims. The book also lists awards and honors given to African American authors. Long overdue, Hazel Arnett Ervin's accessible handbook fills a void in literary arts and letters, a tribute to the rich vernacular tradition that has evolved from African American oral and written expression. William L. Oxford Companion to African American Literature Presents more than biographies of authors, critics, literary characters, and historical figures, and plot summaries of major works.

It contains entries on major works including synopses of novels and also incorporates information on literary characters, as well as on character types such as Aunt Jemima and Brer Rabbit. There are general articles on poetry, fiction, and drama; on autobiography, slave narratives, Sunday School literature, and oratory; as well as on a wide spectrum of related topics. Murray Collection, : The Daniel A. Murray Pamphlet Collection presents a panoramic and eclectic review of African-American history and culture, spanning almost one hundred years from the early nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries, with the bulk of the material published between and Among the authors represented are Frederick Douglass, Booker T.

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Washington, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Benjamin W. Arnett, Alexander Crummel, and Emanuel Love. African American Poetry Database , Covering a wide range of topics from slavery and abolition to love and death, this collection provides a unique portrait of early America through the reflections of African-American poets during the 18th and 19th centuries. It contains a variety of poetic styles and types including elegies, odes, ditties, hymns, and sonnets. African American Women Writers of the 19th Century. A digital collection of some 52 published works by 19 th- century black women writers.

A part of the Digital Schomburg, this collection provides access to the thought, perspectives and creative abilities of black women as captured in books and pamphlets published prior to Created from the Library Company of Philadelphia's acclaimed Afro-Americana Collection - an accumulation that began with Benjamin Franklin and steadily increased throughout its entire history - this unique online resource provides researchers with more than 12, printed works.

These essential books, pamphlets and broadsides, including many lesser-known imprints, hold an unparalleled record of African American history, literature and culture. This collection spans nearly years, from the early 16th to the early 20th century. Critically important subjects covered include the West's discovery and exploitation of Africa; the rise of slavery in the New World along with the growth and success of abolitionist movements; the development of racial thought, including political protest and resistance to racism; descriptions of African American life -- slave and free -- throughout the Americas; and slavery and race in fiction and drama.

Also featured are printed works of African American individuals and organizations. Antislavery Literary Project. Antislavery literature represents the origins of multicultural literature in the United States. It is the first body of American literature produced by writers of diverse racial origins.

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It encompasses slave narratives, lectures, travel accounts, political tracts, prose fiction, poetry, drama, religious and philosophical literature, compendia, journals, manifestoes and children's literature. There is a complex and contradictory range of voices, from journalistic reportage to sentimental poetry, from racial paternalism and stereotyping to advocacy of interracial equality, from religious disputation to militant antislavery calls.

In its whole, this literature is inseparable from an understanding of democratic development in US society. The goal of the Antislavery Literature Project is to increase public access to a body of literature crucial to understanding African American experience, US and hemispheric histories of slavery, and early human rights philosophies. These multilingual collections contribute to an educational consciousness of the role of many antislavery writers in creating contemporary concepts of freedom.

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The bibliography documents and validates an intellectual tradition that is continuously ghettoized within black studies, women's studies and society as a whole. Moreover, the bibliography serves to ensure a place for black American feminist thought in the social change discourse, ensuring that black women's contributions in art, politics and society are preserved and perpetuated.

Black Thought and Culture contains 1, sources with 1, authors, covering the non-fiction published works of leading African Americans. Particular care has been taken to index this material so that it can be searched more thoroughly than ever before. Where possible the complete published non-fiction works are included, as well as interviews, journal articles, speeches, essays, pamphlets, letters and other fugitive material. The Celebration of Women Writers recognizes the contributions of women writers throughout history.

Women have written almost every imaginable type of work: novels, poems, letters, biographies, travel books, religious commentaries, histories, economic and scientific works. Our goal is to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of women's writing.

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All too often, works by women, and resources about women writers, are hard to find. We attempt to provide easy access to available on-line information. The Celebration provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women. A compilation of web sites compiled by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. Browse "Blacks as authors" for primary works written by figures such as Aethopian, Benjamin Banneker , Olaudah Equiano b.

Phillis Wheatley's Poems on Various Subjects Twentieth Century African American Poetry. Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture. This website from the University of Virginia presents a vast multimedia archive of primary material, to , organized around Harriet Beecher Stowe's seminal work.

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Educators should preview the material, particularly the various representations of race and slavery in the archive, to determine what is appropriate for use in their own classroom discussion. This link highlights African-American women. For additional categories, click here. Available via interlibrary loan or for purchase from Amazon.

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Detroit : Wayne State University Press, In the hot summer of , twelve-year-old Patsy takes care of her three younger sisters and helps her mother put up fresh fruits and vegetables in the family's summer kitchen, adjacent to the wood yard that her father, Douglas Ford, owns. Times are tough, and Patsy's mother, May Ford, helps neighborhood families by sharing the food that she preserves. But May's decision to take a break from canning to take her daughters for a visit to their grandmother's home in Clarksville, Tennessee, sets in motion a series of events that prove to be life-changing for Patsy.

After boarding the first-class train car at Michigan Central Station in Detroit and riding comfortably to Cincinnati, Patsy is shocked when her family is led from their seats to change cars. In the dirty, cramped "colored car," Patsy finds that the life she has known in Detroit is very different from life down south, and she can hardly get the experience out of her mind when she returns home --l ike the soot stain on her finely made dress or the smear on the quilt squares her grandmother taught her to sew.

The Cambridge History of African American Literature

As summer wears on, Patsy must find a way to understand her experience in the colored car and also deal with the more subtle injustices that her family faces in Detroit. By the end of the story, Patsy will never see the world in the same way that she did before. Elster's engaging narrative illustrates the personal impact of segregation and discrimination and reveals powerful glimpses of everyday life in s Detroit.

For young readers interested in American history, The Colored Car is engrossing and informative reading. Darkest Child : a novel by Delores Phillips. Thirteen-year-old Tangy Mae Quinn loves her mother, Rozelle, but knows there's "something wrong" with her—which, as it soon becomes clear, is an extreme understatement. As the novel opens, Rozelle is getting ready to give birth to her 10th child by a 10th father and thinking about forcing the obedient Tangy Mae, who longs to stay in school, to take over her housecleaning job. Using a large cast of powerfully drawn characters, Phillips captures life in a town that serves as a microcosm of a world on the brink of change.

At the dark heart of the story is Rozelle, the beautiful mixed-race head of the Quinn family whose erratic mood swings, heart-wrenching cruelty and deep emotional distress leave an indelible mark on all her children. Through all the violence and hardship breathes the remarkable spirit of Tangy Mae, who is wise beyond her years; forced to do unspeakable things by her mother and discriminated against by the town's whites, she manages to survive and to rescue a younger sister from the same fate.

The Help : a novel by Kathryn Stockett.

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  4. She may have a degree, but it is , Mississippi, and her mother will not be happy till Skeeter has a ring on her finger. Skeeter would normally find solace with her beloved maid Constantine, the woman who raised her, but Constantine has disappeared and no one will tell Skeeter where she has gone Aibileen is a black maid, a wise, regal woman raising her seventeenth white child. Minny finally finds a position working for someone too new to town to know her reputation. Seemingly as different from one another as can be, these women will nonetheless come together for a clandestine project that will put them all at risk.

    Cyrus R. IVolume 8, concerned with works of poetry and criticism written between and the present, brings together two different sets of materials and narrative forms: the aesthetic and the institutional.

    African American Literature and Culture Society

    Discarding the traditional synoptic overview of major figures, von Hallberg, Graff, and Carton settle in favor of a history from the inside--a history of interstices and relations, equal to the task of considering the contexts of art, power, and criticism in which it is set. The Place of Poets Biographies of Poets. The Canon the Academy and Gender. Deconstruction and Poststructuralism.