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Hybrid Masculinity and Young Men’s Circumscribed Engagement in Contraceptive Management

This step also begins destabilizing the acrosomal membrane, which is crucial for fertilization. Any drug that blocks sperm motility could bring about real change to the contraceptive world. These drugs could have a very short onset time, and might only need to be taken a short time before coitus. Also, because sperm demonstrate their motility in the female reproductive tract, women might be able to use this contraceptive as well, bringing true equity to the contraceptive landscape. There are many well-known targets of sperm motility that could be used for development of male contraceptives.

Reproduction is a big, complicated machine, with lots of ways to put a temporary hold on the process.

Contraception, Reproduction Assistance Technologies and Embryology (CReATE)

Stopping sperm motility is one way that to make the next generation of male contraceptives. Other projects focused on preventing spermatogenesis, sperm transport, and fertilization are all being actively pursued.

Ernesto, J. The Journal of Cell Biology, 7 , — Reversible immunocontraception in male monkeys immunized with eppin.

Contraception and Reproductive Medicine | About

Qi, H. All four CatSper ion channel proteins are required for male fertility and sperm cell hyperactivated motility. Syeda, S. Hoang, H. In Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation pp. Springer International Publishing.

Sperm Motility – Mechanisms of Male Contraception

Major regulatory mechanisms involved in sperm motility. Asian Journal of Andrology, 0 0 , 0.

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Sperm Motility — Mechanisms of Male Contraception. Fertilization - Mechanisms of Male Contraception. Additionally, ion channels are involved in a process called sperm hyperactivation, which is crucial to fertilization.

Director of Contraceptive Choice & Access

The whipping of the tail of sperm provides a mechanical boost to the sperm, thus allowing further penetration. These enzymes harden the ZP, making it impermeable to other sperm. At this point, the membranes of the sperm and egg are prepared to fuse. Once they do, their genetic material combines to make a mature ovum. All of these processes are tightly regulated, complicated orchestrations with multiple failure points. Some of them have been identified as possible targets for male contraception. A drug that prevents fertilization has some exciting potential, as theoretically they could be used by both men and women, providing true non-hormonal equity to the contraceptive world.

Additionally, it would have the benefit of a short onset time, and could be taken possibly a few hours before coitus. Reproduction is a big, complicated machine, with lots of ways to put a temporary hold on the process. Fertilization is one way that male contraceptives can be created.

Targets that prevent that actual fusion of sperm and egg are being worked on right now as potential male contraceptives. There are other projects focused on preventing spermatogenesis, sperm transport, and sperm motility. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Aims and scope

Mou L, Xie N. Male infertility-related molecules involved in sperm-oocyte fusion. J Reprod Dev. Tssk6 is required for Izumo relocalization and gamete fusion in the mouse.