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The rate of change of amplitude with frequency in a filter is the A. Butterworth B. Chebyshev C.


Cauer D. Bessel Blooms: 2. Which of the following is not an advantage of an active filter? Which of the following filter is used to supply signals on exact frequencies with good stability? RC low-pass B.

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Bessel C. LC notch Blooms: 2. Which of the following filter is very small and inexpensive and widely used in communication transmitters and receivers? Bessel B. Butterworth C.

The primary advantage of SCFs is that they provide a way to make tuned or selective circuits in an IC without the use of discrete inductors, capacitors, or resistors. Blooms: 2. One characteristic of the commutating filter is that it is sensitive to the harmonics of the center frequency for which it is designed.

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Blooms: 1. A non-sine wave approach used to determine the characteristics and performance of any communication circuit or system is Fourier analysis. Most signals and waveforms discussed and analyzed are expressed in the time domain. The bandwidth of a rectangular wave is equal to 0. When two or more stages of amplification are cascaded, the overall gain of the combination is the product of the individual circuit gains. Attenuation refers to a loss introduced by a circuit or component. When gain is converted to decibels, the overall gain of an electronic circuit can be computed by adding the individual gains expressed in decibels.

Circuits made up of inductors and capacitors that resonate at specific frequencies are called tuned circuits. The reactance of a capacitor is inversely proportional to the value of capacitance and operating frequency.

A n inductor also called a coil or choke is simply a winding of multiple turns of wire. An important characteristic of an inductor is the ratio of inductive power to resistive power referred to as its quality factor. When the inductive and capacitive reactances are equal, resonance occurs. The bandwidth of a tuned circuit is defined as the difference between its upper and lower cutoff frequencies.

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Remember 17 Blooms: 2. Microwave communication Chapter Satellite communication Chapter Telecommunication systems Chapter Optical communication Chapter Cell phone technologies Chapter Wireless technologies Chapter Communication tests and measurements. Certified Buyer , Howrah.

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Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? Frenzel Louis E. ABC Retailers Pune 2. Summary Of The Book In a fast progressing world, quick communication is very important. About Louis E. Frenzel A program coordinator, writer, and professor, Louis E. Frequently Bought Together. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems. Digital Fundamentals Eleventh Edition.

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