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Keelan Flowering plant embryology: with emphasis on economic species by Nels R. Conversations about Culture and Education by Ivor F. Net Framework 2. There are three primary threads from which modern TCM derives. The first is the medicine of the people. This consists of the collective local folk medicine traditions that have flourished in China's many ethnic subcultures across the vast expanse of Chinese history and geography. The second is Temple medicine. This is a generic term for the healing techniques developed and preserved among the various monastic and priestly traditions of China.

The third is Court medicine, which served the Emperor, royal family and the courtiers and bureaucrats of the capitol. The fabric of modern 'Traditional' Chinese Medicine was woven rather recently from these three ancient threads. Because of their defeats in various conflicts with Western powers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the last of the Chinese emperors decided on a policy of isolation, and exclusion of foreigners.

The Chinese learned well the lesson that Western technology gave the colonialists a decided advantage in armed conflicts. From these painful lessons they derived an uncritical respect for all of modern Western technologies, including medicine. An institution of Western medicine, "the Peking Union Medical College, built and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation in " Eckman xviii was established in China prior to the existence of any similar modern teaching institutions of Chinese medicine.

As late as , a prominent Marxist, T'an Chuang, could still call Chinese medicine, the "collected garbage of several thousand years. We must make all efforts to uncover it and raise its' standards. Eckman 86, One must however consider that regardless of the changing attitudes of the ruling Chinese governments over time, the three ancient threads of Chinese medicine have continued to weave their way through the Chinese culture as they always have.

The lines of transmission continued within families, within the monastic and priestly lines, and from master to apprentice in the time honored fashions. And in spite of the incredible diversity and extent of the tradition, a few basic principles pervade Chinese medicine, the importance of which were recognized by almost all of the practitioners of the art and science of Chinese medicine.

As mentioned earlier:. The tendency of Chinese thought is to seek out dynamic functional activity rather than to look for the fixed somatic structures that perform the activities. Because of this, the Chinese have no system of anatomy comparable to that of the West…In the Chinese system, the Organs are discussed always with reference to their functions and to their relationships with the Fundamental Substances, other Organs, and other parts of the body.

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Indeed, it is only through these relationships that an organ can be defined. Kaptchuk 51, The most fundamental relationship in all of Chinese cosmology, energetics, and medicine, is the dynamic between yin and yang. To understand the concepts of Chinese medicine the way the Chinese do may be impossible for a Westerner. Because of the indeterminacy of their language the lack of direct correspondence between spoken and written languages, and the vast number of multiple meanings, connotations and associations between all of their words and concepts understanding anything in Chinese requires the exercise of the intuition to a much greater degree than any Western language.

Keeping this in mind, anything translated into a Western language from Chinese will fail to convey the network of associations which a native would almost instinctively comprehend. But understanding the concepts of yin and yang is essential to even beginning to attempt to understand Chinese medical energetics.

Realizing the existence of human energy, the ancients were immediately confronted with perplexing questions: Why the alternations of sleeping and waking: Why hot and cold? What difference between physical strength and mental or moral strength? The ancient Chinese were confronted by the same dichotomy of spirit and matter as Europeans…They concluded that there is a universal unity wherein matter is only concentrated, solidified energy, and spirit only vaporized matter returning to its immaterial form, both in a state of movement and perpetual becoming, without any unchangeable, permanent state…Yin and yang in humans is relativity and alternation in constant movement, not a fixed condition.

Morant 50,5l. Originally the idea of yin referred to the shady side of a mountain, and yang referred to the sunny side.