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Nissan Leaf AT-EV

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The most formidable, fearsome and freakish off-road vehicles of 2017

Vollmer 1 B. Maza 1 P. While many vehicles are forced to park away from the site of operation, the local fire brigade gets better to the target thanks to their Sprinter 6x6: the impressive fire truck can access even the remotest country and forestry sites, thanks to its all-wheel drive. No wonder that to date some , vehicles of 30 series have been sold. There are now two types of Unimog: the equipment carrier and the highly off-roadable vehicle. Both make the impossible possible and are absolutely convincing with their numerous areas of assignment — both on and off road.

There is more to find out about these unusual working heroes and their history right here. Honeybees and the Unimog — how does that fit together? The beekeepers at Woldgate Honey say very well! The beehives at this English company are sometimes located up to five miles from the road on the North York moors. Only a very few vehicles can make it there. The sunny yellow all-wheel talents and their excellent all-terrain qualities are key when it comes to resettling the beehives from one site to another. A vehicle that can master any terrain can sometimes be a lifesaver: the closer the rescue teams get to the scene of the accident, the greater the chances of survival of the missing people.

On their way through sand and undergrowth, nothing can stop the all-wheel vehicles, and the DLRG rescuers together with all their gear are taken right to the bank. Virtually no infrastructure. Instead, bumpy roads that are closed down due to huge waterways during the rainy season: for the paramedics of the hospital, Hopitaly Zoara in the southwest of Madagascar, it was always difficult to reach the remote villages in this poor region.

But now a Unimog ambulance ensures quick and safe transport.

Mini/X-raid John Cooper Works Buggy

The all-wheel vehicle masters the deep puddles and bumpy roads without a problem — and is a lifesaver. In the middle of the wilderness of the northwest of the US, all of a sudden you catch the smell of a Viennese coffeehouse and people are warming their hands over steaming hot mugs. The delicious coffee specialties are thanks to the team from Motofish Coffee — who conquer even the most difficult terrain with their Unimog from Mercedes-Benz.

The Unimog as an all-wheel driven coffee shop proves that it is a true all-rounder.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy, Book 1).
  • Mini/X-raid John Cooper Works Buggy?
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  • Long cold winters, rugged countryside, seemingly endless forest: who could seriously think of setting up a food truck here? Against all odds, the Finnish food photographer, Sami Repo, has done just that and provides his mobile BBQ for all kinds of company events, birthday parties or other occasions in the High North.

    This is all possible thanks solely to the outstanding durability of his Unimog U in the depths of winter it still courses a secure path to its hungry customers. Alternative drives and automated driving are opening up new options for the exterior design of Mercedes-Ben Find out more about the A-Class. Where driving was meant to take you. Explore, ride, and rip off-road in our purpose-built-for-anything high-performance vehicle. Limits are for other people. The sharpest way to get from A to B, on any terrain, in any weather, fully-loaded or not. A Can-Am built for your next adventures. Our most narrow side-by-side at in wide—with every inch a Can-Am.