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There are tons of iPhone development tutorials on the web.

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In addition, you will get some experience just by playing with the Cocos2D tutorials. But the links below are a good overview of some of the best. This is an extended tutorial that is almost exactly like the Map App tutorial mentioned above. The only differences are the sections Jump Right In which now has an iOS tutorial and everything after Human Interface Design which we told you to skip anyway. Stanford's course on iPhone development is very famous. Stanford has released the lecture notes and examples for this course to the world, free for you to use.

This set of tutorials is a nice example of how to make a simple Pong game on the iPhone.

Game development for mobile devices with Cocos2D-X

It covers the basic elements of game programming, such as the game loop and various subsystems, and shows how they fit into an iPhone application. This tutorial is a must if you plan to make an iPhone game without using an engine. If you want to make a 2D game, we highly, highly recommend that you use the Cocos2D engine as your game engine. This is the simplest game engine available for the iPhone, and has a lot of community support. An uncountable number of indie games have been made with Cocos2D.

In the past Cocos2D suffered from problems due to poor technology choices.

Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook - Chapter 2 - User Input

It used the horrible Chipmunk Physics engine for physics and some very heavyweight code for rendering. However, the latest version is very robust. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to use Cocos2D, as well as an active users forum. Here are just a few to get you started. This is an excellent tutorial that tells you everything that you need to get started.

The Scene Director in Cocos2D can be a bit confusing, so this tutorial is a better place to start than the official documentation.

Cocos2d Developers and Programmers for Hire

While Box2D is not the only physics engine supported by Cocos2D Chipmunk Physics is still supported , it is an available template. This tutorial shows you how to use this template to use Box2D physics which you already know how to use in your game. However, be warned.

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Storyboards are a really cool way to program for iOS or OS X, as they allow you to drag-and-drop a lot of GUI design elements, and control the transition between player modes. This tutorial shows you how to combine these with Cocos2D, turning the game window into a widget within a much larger interface. If you want to go 3D in this class, mobile is also an easy way to do this, provided that you know OpenGL. With that said, the requirements for a 3D mobile game are the same as for a PC 3D game ; you must have a team member from CS Developing a 3D mobile game can have a fairly steep learning curve.

While we provide several resources below, you should leverage existing libraries and technology as much as you can. Even if you use a 3D game engine like the ones listed below , you will still need to know the basic libraries for 3D development. This is an excellent starting point, as it gives a refresher course in OpenGL and how to use it. The famous NeHe tutorials are available for iOS as well.

Never implement your own 3D physics engine for this course. If you are thinking about it, stop right now. If you implemented one for a previous course and it works perfectly , that is okay. Otherwise you should use Bullet, which is the best non-commercial 3D physics engine. With that said, the documentation here is a little sketchy.

And there are far to many TODOs on the documentation page for it to be considered professional. Nice List, We are a game development company so we can understand the value of this list.

Downloading and Installing Cocos2d-x

We can create games easily and early by using these tools. Do people no longer use LibGDX? I thought that was one of the main ones for Android development. Thanks for sharing the android game development related unique article. But you add some android game developer list then please share with. Android platform is very famous platform which is gaining fame in this era.

Recommended book for cocos2d? - Game Development Stack Exchange

Today everyone are using android operating system in their mobile. Lot of people are playing game on android device and various companies are making android game app and software. It could be that LibGDX is not that easy to make a game in. Lots of programming, which I am not that good at. I would stay away from it myself, but each to his own.

Any kind of 2D games can be created, and the software is based on some advanced visual programming system that allow anyone to quickly learn it, while allowing advanced game making. I am going with a free version since I am a noob at this and just want to try to make a game.

Thank you so much. What you have suggest for beginners? I am mobile developer Android and iOS for 5 years. Posting comments on the blog, we will process your data for that purpose, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, deletion, opposition, limitation of treatment, portability and elimination by writing to info thetool. More information in the Privacy Policy. Cristina Stefanova Development April 25, 20 Comments. Unity 2. Unreal Engine 3.

1st Edition

SpriteKit — 2D sprite-based games 5. Marmalade SDK 6. Buildbox 7. AppGameKit 8. Construct 2 8.

Fusion 9. GameMaker Studio 2 CocoonJS MonoGame Amazon Lumberyard Cocos2D-x Haxe When your cocos2d book would be releasing. Pls let me know. Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Learning Cocos2D This book is for anyone with basic programming knowledge who wants to create a game for the iPhone or iPad.