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For example, for the Birth Doula course you might choose a book from the Working With Challenges category and another from the Politics and Evidence-Based category.

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All books must be read after you have started your training. From making that ultimate decision to have a kid to making it through the birth to tangling with a toddler mid-tantrum, and eventually letting a teen loose in the world, these fathers explore every facet of fatherhood and show how being a father changed the way they saw the world—and themselves. She had an adoring husband, a beautiful two-year-old son, a sunny Manhattan apartment, and a position as a tenured professor at Columbia University.

Everything changed with the birth of her second child, Henry. Just minutes after he was born, doctors told her that Henry had Down syndrome, and she knew that her life would never be the same. Adams untangles the contradictions of living in a society that is more enlightened and supportive of people with disabilities than ever before, yet is racing to perfect prenatal tests to prevent children like Henry from being born.

Her book is gripping, beautifully written, and nearly impossible to put down.

Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding

The author wrote it after compiling the stories of many women who she connected with through her online pregnancy loss website. However, it is so beautifully written, and the emotions described articulate the grief experienced after the loss of a baby, that we have included it in our reading list. Amazon Description: The five women sitting in the circle of chairs all had great dreams of motherhood. Then their babies died. Melinda sees blood on the floor every day after her loss.

Dot believes the wrath of God caused her baby to die. Stella, the support group leader, must help them while facing the old choices that cost her ever having a family of her own. Based on the stories of dozens of real survivors, Baby Dust is a moving tribute to the strength of mothers who must endure this impossible loss. Rediscovering Birth. Author: Sheila Kitzinger Format: Hardcover and Paperback Published: Amazon Description: For thousands of years women have given birth among people they know in a place they know well.

Knowledge is shared between the participants and birth is a social event. In this new, revised edition of her classic book, Sheila Kitzinger explores the universal experience of pregnancy and birth. She looks closely at the place of birth, what is done to help women in childbirth and examines the bond traditionally formed between mothers and midwives. Birth Without Violence. Format: Hardcover and Paperback Published: Amazon Description: Birth without Violence is the first book to express what mothers have always known: babies are born complete human beings with the ability to experience a full range of emotions.

Why must a child emerge from the quiet darkness of the womb into a blaze of blinding light and loud voices? Why must an infant take its first breath in terror, hanging upside down as its vulnerable spine is jerked straight? Why must the infant be separated from its mother after spending nine months inside her nourishing body? Examining alternatives to technocentric approaches to childbirth, this new edition of the classic text, complete with a new author preface, shows us how we can ease the transition from womb to world without trauma or fear.

Safer Childbirth? A Critical History of Maternity Care 3rd edition. These findings and further compelling evidence gathered by the House of Commons Health Committee in should have revolutionized the direction of maternity care. This third edition considers the evidence on which the recommended changes in policy were made and the implications of implementing them. Sifting through nearly five decades of providing care for women in rural Greene County, she relates the tales that capture the life-and-death struggle of the birthing experience and the traditions, pharmacopeia, and spiritual attitudes that influenced her practice.

Believed to be the oldest living though retired traditional African American midwife in Alabama, Smith is one of the few who can recount old-time birthing ways. Author: Barbara Katz Rothman Format: Hardcover and Paperback Published: Amazon Description: As more and more women are having children when they are over thirty, amniocentesis, is becoming a routine part of prenatal care.

What kind of support is available if you decide to bring up a handicapped child? How can you come to terms with the decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy? Author: Heng Ou, Ameley Greeven, and Marisa Belger Format: Kindle and Hardcover Published: Amazon Description: The first 40 days after the birth of a child offer an essential and fleeting period of rest and recovery for the new mother. The book includes 60 simple recipes for healing soups; replenishing meals and snacks; and calming and lactation-boosting teas, all formulated to support the unique needs of the new mother.

Since the publication of Taking Charge of your Fertility two decades ago, Toni Weschler has taught a whole new generation of women how to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally and gain better control of their gynecological and sexual health by taking just a couple minutes a day using the proven Fertility Awareness Method.

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Enter Dr. Aviva Jill Romm, an expert in natural childbirth with more than twenty years of experience in both alternative and allopathic medicine. In this newly revised third edition, Dr. Romm takes a holistic approach, emphasizing natural remedies wherever possible and providing up-to-date advice on herbs that promote wellness during pregnancy, and alleviate such familiar concerns as anxiety, fatigue, morning sickness, and stretch marks.

With tips for a nutritious diet, exercise and posture, and information on the emotional and physical changes that childbearing brings, The Natural Pregnancy Book is your comprehensive guide to a safe, healthy pregnancy, as nature intended it. Parenting for a Peaceful World 2nd edition. Author: Robin Grille Format: Paperback Published: Amazon Description: Imagine a world where war, tyranny, human rights abuses and ecological destruction are relics of the past.

What if the means to create such a reality were in the hands of mothers and fathers, and all those involved in the care and education of children? Parenting for a Peaceful World is a fascinating look at how parenting customs have shaped societies and major world events. It reveals how children adapt to different parenting styles and how these early experiences underpin the adults they become.

Parenting for a Peaceful World is a book for parents, child health professionals, and adults learningto be whole again. It is a manifesto for policy-makers and a resource for teachers.


If the findings outlined in these pages are put into practice, the result may be a revolution of peace, humanity, and a world beyond our imagining. Home Birth: a practical guide 4th edition. Striking a perfect balance of practical information, compelling personal stories and research evidence, leading childbirth educator Nicky Wesson shows how giving birth to your baby in your own home can be the most exciting and fulfilling thing you ever do.

Birthing Normally After a Cesarean or Two. What are the risks? What are the advantages? What is the best choice in your particular case? In her thesis she explored how women experience giving birth in hospital. For over 10 years since then, she has divided her time between teaching and participating in research projects.

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She also regularly gives talks at conferences around the world. Serious information is presented in an upbeat, readable style. Author: Helen Churchill and Wendy Savage Format: Kindle and Paperback Published: Amazon Description: Women are over four times more likely to have a caesarean birth now than they were thirty years ago and eight times more likely than they were fifty years ago.

One of the main reasons that the rate is so high is that women are not encouraged to give birth vaginally once they have had a caesarean despite there being no evidence of the benefit of repeat caesareans for mother or child. Aimed at women who have had a caesarean or repeat caesareans, Vaginal Birth After Caesarean VBAC provides suggestions for constructive ways to achieve vaginal birth when this is the right option for mother and baby. As well as detailed explanations of all the pros and cons of VBAC, the book contains several real-life birth stories, a comprehensive glossary of terms and essential information for parents-to-be.

Author: Sarah Buckley Format: Kindle and Paperback Published: Amazon Description: An authoritative guide to natural childbirth and postpartum parenting options from an MD who home-birthed her own four children. Sarah Buckley might be called a third-wave natural birth advocate. A doctor and a mother, she approaches the question of how a woman and baby might have the most fulfilling birth experience with respect for the wisdom of both medical science and the human body.

Her wise counsel on issues like breastfeeding and sleeping during postpartum helps extend the gentle birth experience into a gentle parenting relationship.


Author: James J. McKenna Ph. This text examines the research and evidence connecting birth practices to breastfeeding outcomes. It takes an in-depth look at the post-birth experiences of the mother and baby, using the baby's health as the vehicle and the intact mother-baby dyad as the model to address birth practices that affect breastfeeding.

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The Second Edition has been completely revised to include new information on infant outcomes, including epidural anesthesia and Cesarean surgery, clinical strategies for helping the mother and baby recover from birth injuries, medications and complications, and information on Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiatives with a Mother-Friendly Module. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This text examines the research and evidence connecting birth practices to breastfeeding outcomes. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Our findings demonstrate that planned c-sections are associated with reduced breastfeeding success in the first 4 postpartum months, when compared to vaginal births. In particular, we have successfully added to the growing evidence that planned c-sections negatively affect breastfeeding initiation and duration.