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This community atmosphere has created countless internet video stars, including mentions in magazines and television appearances. Justin Bieber owes much of his career to YouTube. Along with original content, a lot of videos uploaded to YouTube are clips from popular movies, television shows, and music videos. YouTube experimented with a lot of different ways to control the problem.

Originally video uploads were limited to 15 minutes, other than certain special "channel types" Director, Musician, Reporter, Comedian, and Guru deemed to be more likely to be generating original content.

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Many years and a few high-profile lawsuits later, YouTube now has automatic copyright infringement detection for a lot of content. It's still bypassed, but the amount of pirated content on YouTube has dwindled. You can also rent or purchase legitimate movies and commercial TV series from YouTube, and YouTube is directly paying for some original content to compete with Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. You need to register for a free account in order to upload content.


If you have a Google Account, you've already registered. Just go to YouTube and get started. You can upload most popular video formats including. MOV, and. MPG files. YouTube automatically converts these files as they're uploaded.

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You are free to embed anyone's videos on your blog or web page. You don't even need to be a member of YouTube. Each video page contains the HTML code that you can copy and paste. You can also share or embed your videos that start at a specific time.

Be aware that embedding too many videos can create slow load times for people viewing your blog or webpages. Smooooth transitions. Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields. Loads files only if shortcode is present.

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Translation ready. Autoplay option. Easy shortcode instructions in post editor. Cache system for fast loading. Write to us at support [at] plugin. Put the shortcode generated anywhere in your posts.

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Also supports custom fields. Everything you need - seriously it just works, is clear, and has the best grid view and options I have seen. I tried many of the top selling plugins trying to find the right one, and this one is the BEST! Free version is so neutered that it isn't worth the effort. Uninstalling now. So not only does this plugin do EXACTLY what it says it does in a beautiful way, but when I did have an issue, all I had to do was post in the support forum and within minutes I had my answer and was up and going again!

YourChannel: Everything you want in a YouTube plugin.

I tried several different plugins and found this to be the easiest to use. Thanks for great plugin. I've never had a problem with this excellent plugin. It Works perfectly on my website and always has. It saves a huge amount of time as it can easily display my entire youtube channel, and I am very grateful to the author for all the effort they have put into developing and updating this free plugin.

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