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During the publishing phase, you put the finishing touches on your writing and format it into the appropriate completed form. Our free guide to 10th grade goes in-depth about subjects like how to build a rigorous course load, standardized testing, extracurriculars, and more. Some schools have established peer-editing programs specifically so that you can learn from your classmates and take advantage of their expertise.

If this is the case at your school, try to attend a peer editing session with some of your written work.

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He or she may be more than willing to help you out. Before bringing any work to a peer editor, make sure that you have thoroughly self-edited first. Next, have your peer edit the piece for you. Then, review the edits on your own before reviewing them with your peer. Make sure that you understand why each edit was made. This will help you to learn from your mistakes and self-correct them in the future. Finally, create a second or final draft of your piece based on the comments and suggestions made by your peer.

If this is the case for you, try to eliminate any possible distractions during your writing time. Turn your phone off and try to stop yourself from taking any breaks to use the Internet. Your goal should be to write for a certain amount of time, or a certain amount of writing, before you allow any other distractions. Really devote yourself to nothing but writing for that period of time and see what happens. One common solution is to get as much as possible down on paper, and then walk away for a while.

This renewed perspective might even offer inspiration to get writing again. You may be surprised what you find when you come back to it. Find someone whose writing you admire. It may be a peer, a teacher, or even a local author. Some schools have elective writing courses. You might also check at the local library or recreation center. Many other fields require strong written abilities, including law, scientific research, and even mathematics. Looking for help navigating the road to college as a high school student?

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Write More 3. Use the Writing Process Ready to conquer 10th grade? Take Advantage of Peer Editing 5. Leave It and Come Back 7. Get a Writing Mentor. Take Advantage of Peer Editing Some schools have established peer-editing programs specifically so that you can learn from your classmates and take advantage of their expertise. Get a Writing Mentor Find someone whose writing you admire.

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Short bio. Kate Koch-Sundquist is a graduate of Pomona College where she studied sociology, psychology, and writing before going on to receive an M. After a few forays into living abroad and afloat sometimes at the same time , she now makes her home north of Boston where she works as a content writer and, with her husband, raises two young sons who both inspire her and challenge her on a daily basis.

Other articles by Kate. Does Every Student Need College? The written word is meant to communicate. When the message resonates, then the writing was good. No matter what style or rule is followed. Experience across a wide range of writing styles and communication goals taught me these rules.

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It is nice to see them in one place. Thanks for an excellent post. Ditto, Karen! How much easier to just blast out some foul language rather than some compelling pithy language. You cannot deny it takes more effort. Yep, I dare say using profanity IS lazy writing.

No classroom discussions about technique, steam of consciousness or accessing the subconscious mind where maximum creativity resides. This is why so many people detest writing. They were never taught effective writing techniques to open them up. Instead, rules were drilled and we all shut down.

Jonathan, great post! I think it would serve as a great reminder. Excellent post!

There are so many blogs that read like text books. I am left wondering where was the class on writing for the web, writing for a blog, writing for the connected age when I was in school? Why are english classes like years behind the times? Love the post and I think at the end of the day its a matter of being yourself and expressing yourself in a way thats comfortable for you. What a sham and disappointment.

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Sonia: Norman Mailer and George Carlin had a hell-of-a-lot of content and certainly knew more than a passing bit about context. I think I still need to work on 3.

Agreed, Anton. Different things work for different people. We each have to find our own path. Sonia Simone Sorry if you feel I was not being respectful. I apologize to you and to anyone else I may have offended. Regarding the writers that you mentioned; lazy people, no, but I do think they could have been more eloquent in their use of language. Language can be such an effective device it seems a shame not to be more respectful of the medium.

Just think of the possibilities.

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That is all I am saying. Fantastic information and something very hard to break after all the years of the writing training we received in school. However, it is extremely liberating once you start making the transition…bravo!! I agree that all writers find their own path. This post makes me not feel so bad on what I missed out in high school. I thought it would have a serious effect, and it killed my confidence to call myself a decent writer.

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And people are doing exactly that all the time — engineering consent, anyone?