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Cinnamon sticks are used for preserved fruits and flavoring puddings. Cinnamon sugar is made with approximately 50 g 2 oz. Cassia, sometimes known as Chinese cinnamon, is native to Assam and Myanmar. It is similar to cinnamon but a little darker with a sharper taste.

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It is considered better for savory rather than sweet foods. It is prized in Germany and some other countries as a flavor in chocolate. Cloves are the dried, unopened buds of a tropical evergreen tree, native to Indonesia. The flavor is characterized by a sweet, pungent spiciness. The nail-shaped whole cloves are mainly used in cooking, but the ground version of this spice heightens the flavor of mincemeat, baked goods, fruit pies, and plum pudding. Ginger is one of the few spices that grow below the ground. It is native to southern Asia but is now imported from Jamaica, India, and Africa.

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The part of the ginger plant used is obtained from the root. Ground ginger is the most commonly used form in baking — in fruitcakes, cookies, fruit pies, and gingerbread. Candied ginger is used in pastries and confectionery. Originating in the East and West Indies, mace is the fleshy growth between the nutmeg shell and outer husk, yellow-orange in color.

It is usually sold ground, but sometimes whole mace blades of mace is available. Mace is used in pound cakes, breads, puddings, and pastries. Nutmeg is the kernel or seed of the nutmeg fruit. The fruit is similar to the peach. The fleshy husk, grooved on one side, splits, releasing the deep-brown aromatic nutmeg.

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It is available whole or ground. Ground nutmeg is used extensively in custards, cream puddings, spice cakes, gingerbread, and doughnuts. Poppy seed comes from the Netherlands and Asia. The minute, blue-grey, kidney-shaped seeds are so small they seem to be round. Poppy seeds are used in breads and rolls, cakes and cookies, and fillings for pastries. Sesame or benne seeds are the seeds of the fruit of a tropical annual herb grown in India, China, and Turkey. The seeds are tiny, shiny, and creamy-white with a rich almond-like flavor and aroma.

Bakers use sesame seeds in breads, buns, coffee cakes, and cookies. The Spaniards named vanilla. The word derives from vaina, meaning pod. Vanilla is produced from an orchid-type plant native to Central America. The vanilla beans are cured by a complicated process, which helps explain the high cost of genuine vanilla.

The cured pods should be black in color and packed in airtight boxes. Imitation vanilla extracts are made from a colorless crystalline synthetic compound called vanillin. Pure vanilla extract is superior to imitation vanilla.

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Artificial vanilla is more intense than real vanilla by a factor of 3 to 4 and must be used sparingly. To use vanilla beans, split the pod down the middle to scrape out the seeds. The seeds are the flavoring agents. Alternatively, the split pod can be simmered in the milk or cream used in dessert preparation. Its flavoring power is not spent in one cooking and it can be drained, kept frozen, and reused.

A vanilla bean kept in a container of icing sugar imparts the flavor to the sugar, all ready for use in cookies and cakes. It is suitable for cakes, where the interior temperature does not get so high. Vanilla beans and vanilla extract are used extensively by bakers to flavor a wide range of desserts and other items. Sorangel Rodriguez-Velazquez American University.

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The Chemistry of Spices

Spices are high value, export-oriented crops used extensively in food and beverage flavourings, medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. Representing the first discussion of the chemical properties of a wide cross section of important spices, this book covers extensively the three broad categories of plant-derived natural products: the terpenoids, the alkaloids and the phenyl propanoids and allied phenolic compounds.

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Kitchen Chemistry: The Science of Herbs and Spices

Chempakam T. Zachariah Review : "[T]his outstanding book Saxena, University of Guelph "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

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