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A constructible subset is one which can be constructed from subvarieties using "boolean operations".

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Equivalently it is a subset defined by polynomial equations and inequations. It is true that the image of a constructible subset is again constructible Chevalley's theorem. Explicitly finding this variety i. See ch. I think this is ok,.

Higher nonabelian cohomology of algebraic varieties, par Carlos Simpson

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Can we always find equations such that the image is an affine algebraic variety? Giorgio Ottaviani Florence.

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Étale cohomological dimension and the topology of algebraic varieties | Annals of Mathematics

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Active 5 years, 6 months ago. Viewed times. If no, could it be true in some natural cases, if yes I would be happy to see a reference. Ben McKay Thanks for the edit. Joe Silverman Joe Silverman The GIT quotient exists and is affine, but does not represent the quotient.